Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tactical Brilliance.

I always knew that this year was going to be tough..... And after two good victories, it has been proven to be tougher than I could possibly imagine. What killing me is our ability to be eyeballs deep in a game and to then go on and lose, and lose badly. We were winning by 13 against manly, 12 against souths and 6 against Newcastle only to be heartbroken, robbed and then lapped. Funny thing is, earlier in the year Supercoach Flanno made the astonishing comment that "we need to play for 70 minutes and we will be ok". If that statement, and its subsequent and summary dismissals over the past week isnt enough to concern you, i, I will outline several tactical moves from the Souths game by Supercoach Flanno below that prove to me the guy is kinda crazy.

1. Playing Nathan Gardner. Blind Freddy could see that Don Burke looked lame and sore from the warm up, and it just got worse from kick off. What if he had aggravated his injury badly and been out for the season? Not only did he risk our best attacking players season, he weakened our team by playing a shot duck.
2.YEAH BOYS, TAKE THE 2!! We dont have a kicker on the field, Souths are under the pump and its 12-0. We score a try from that penalty, we win. Thats the equation. What is this guys obsession with the penalty goal? Our defence has proven to leak up to 30 points a game, so why are we trying to sit on small leads in the first half?
3. Ben Bomberoy for Hot Dog Williams. Williams goes off injured so we need a backline re-shuffle. The role of Winger these days requires them to catch more bombs than an afghani miltary cadet. Its raining. We have a competent winger in Colin Best with experience and form in the position at several clubs. But Supercoach shuffles the man with the worst hands in the history of the club to the wing. He spills two bombs, one in attack and one in defence and both hurt us BADLY.
4. Kicking. At no point during the game did Souths have a fullback anywhere behind the line before the 4th tackle. We did not attempt one early tackle count 40/20, a chip and chase or a grubber. Did he not see this MASSIVE chink in Souths armour, or did he see it and choose to ignore it? Either way, its incompetence.

What worries me is that with Morris and Kelly out and the churn from the Rep season, I cant see things getting any better. I know hes a rookie coach and deserves some slack, but farken hell Flanno, use your brains.

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  1. You forgot to mention taking the 2 points when it was 4-0 which put us to one converted try in front! That was tactical brilliance! The chance at making it 10-0 or go the 2 points and make it 6-0?!