Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kade Snowden, Luke Douglas, Chris Sandow, Jamal Idris: Why they moved clubs- unfair advantages.

I can tell you right now why Kade Snowden signed with Newcastle. He was offered 320k by Newcastle a year (plus a few bonuses). Cronulla offered him closer to 400k. Dont try and tell me that he didnt want to stay in Cronulla, as before the walking heart attack got on the phone to him he almost announced to the world he was going to stay loyal. Sure, there are benefits to playing under Bennett and getting involved with the Knights, but the real reason he signed with Newcastle?

His manager was offered a $50k "finders fee" if he could get the deal over the line.

The same thing happened with Luke Douglas at the Titans, and Idris, and Sandow. Tell a manager that there is a financial benefit to them personally in getting their player to take a lower deal, and they will make it happen come hell or high water. They simply get in the players ear (who they have provided advice, support and guidance to for many years) and say things like-

"Kade, Ive heard the Sharks are in trouble mate. They are a good club, but Ive heard they may not be around in the next couple of years. Look after yourself and look elsewhere."
"Jamal, Ive heard that the Dogs think youre a bit over-rated mate. They arent going to look after you like the Titans will."

The players believe the lie and all they are doing is increasing the player managers bank balance at their own expense. Sow one seed of doubt and reap the harvest come springtime.

We all know that there isnt a level playing field in the NRL and no-one but the naive was shocked about the Melbourne Storm scandal. This is just another example of clubs finding a way to improve squad value by paying extra in clandestine ways. Trouble is, smaller clubs like the Sharks cant and wont compete in this black market and it means that we will lose marquee players time and time again. Whats worse is that the extra money isnt even going to the players, its going to greedy player managers who have their own best interests at heart, not their clients. The NRL cant and wont do anything about it because a) its too hard to prove and b) the managers wield so much control, it would be detrimental to the game to take them on for the sake of $50k here and there. Sigh.

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  1. Snowden's manager is Todd Buckingham. Already got a reputation as something of a grubby used-car salesman. He also manages Justin Poore, and the following true story paints a clear picture of his ineptitude.
    2009 Poore is off contract with the Dragons. Bennett is keen to keep him, but tells Poore and his manager not to go to the media at any stage during negotiations. Buckingham leaks stories to the media. Dragons pull their offer. Poore still wants to re-sign but the Dragons shut the door. Poore signs with Parra for 2010. Poore fires manager. Dragons win comp 2010.