Monday, June 21, 2010

The Big Boy blows up about the result of the derby.

After one of the night games earlier this year I was having a chat to Jonathon Docking and Gav Miller in the bar. This was about 3 weeks after we had been trounced by the Dragons by forty odd at that cesspit, WIN Stadium. I was there and it was one of the worst performances Ive ever seen from our boys and it hurt worse than some kind of testicular injury to see that little rat Jamie Soward running riot and prancing goals from all over the park.

I was stoked to hear that Docko was equally as disappointed and dismissive in that performance. I believe he said that something along the lines of "When I was playing, it was absolutely unforgivable to lose the derby. You just lifted for it, we hated them and would do anything to smash them". Gav Miller just nodded quietly in agreement.

Fast forward to yesterday. Bright sunny day, biggest crowd in for ages, we've had a week off and they are missing a calvalcade of troops after their insipid origin display. The dragons were ripe for the picking. Sure, they are a quality side on top of the table, but I doubt there would be a better time this year to play them.

We were willing. We tried hard. It was great to see Jamie Soward get smashed. However, we were still beaten convincingly.

Despite the effort, thats not good enough. The dragons have more money, more supporters, better players, 658 home grounds and they seem to be protected species at the moment. As an island of good in a red and white sea of filth, it is our players duty to go out there and win the derby at home. For years we fielded sub-standard teams against their juggernaut and beat them with spirit. That needs to be revived, and until it is, I will be disappointed and dismayed with any loss to St George.

I can at least take heart in the fact that we never merged, play in our area at one home ground and Jamie Soward doesnt play for us.


  1. Those grubs are in for a drubbing when they come up against the rampaging Tigers on Friday night. Just look at the match ups.
    Soward - Marshall
    Morris - Tiquri
    Cooper - Lawrence
    Pridis - Farah
    Weyman - Big Ranga Galloway
    'Where is he?' Creagh - Ellis
    Tigers by fifty at least.

  2. bk put me onto your blog big boy, keep em honest big boy!!!!! i think your assessment of the sharks as being the worst team in the comp is fair however, the knights and the cowboys are giving them a good run!

  3. The only future the Sharks admin should be planning for is a choice of folding or relocating, if they sill have a choice.

  4. Hi Ponjo, I thought your photo with Joel Monahan was in poor taste.