Friday, July 2, 2010

Biggest comeback ever? I dont care.

There have been a few remarks flying around cyber-space about how quiet the big boy has been since we sputtered over the line against a pathetic cowboys outfit, thus eclipsing our record for the clubs biggest comeback. Whilst I heartily appreciate this blogs supporters thirst for more content, my comments about the loss to the Dragons should be remembered.

Whilst the comeback was noteworthy in that it was an awfully strange game, and I enjoy seeing J Thurston, captain sooky lala, have a shocking game (HOW did he miss that goal?); the victory rang hollow for me after such a poor showing in the derby. Again I will reiterate; a loss at home to the Dragons is unacceptable. Any ensuing vicotry in the redneck north against a team running worse than us, in a stilting, stumbling fashion just isnt going to get my pulse racing. Worse than that was our cringe inducing ability to almost lose this golden point encounter when the Cowboys gave us a gilt edged opportunity to put a clinic on.

In other news.I hear that we are chasing Brett White and Pig Riddell. Brett White sucks, but I dont mind the pig. Sure, hes fat and comical, but hes actually a pretty tough, crafty player and hes a good carachter. The kind of idiot who gets people through the gates. Get the pig on board!

In other, other news: I am listening to the Stooges right now.

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