Monday, June 14, 2010

Andrew Johns: The "trash" part was right.

Ever since Andrew Johns forearmed a prone Adam Dykes in one of the cheapest, most cowardly shots ever seen in Rugby League, in a magnificent Sharks victory against the knights in 01, Ive hated him. The act itself wasnt that bad, typical heat of the battle stuff and little sooky la-la Johns, ever the tenacious competitor was frustrated. It was the way he carried on afterwards that was disgraceful. Johns and perrenial good guy Preston Campbell (at the sharks at the time) were in a battle for the Dally M. Johns was subsequently and justifiably suspended by the judiciary for the shot that had badly concussed Dykes and left him in the hospital, putting Johns out of the running for the best and FAIREST medal.

The unknown part of this tale is Johns' private reaction. Generally in these instances, if a player lands another player in the infirmary, regardless of the circumstances (and in particular through foul play) they privately give them a bell to apologise. Hell, even though players are competitors on the field, they are still technically colleagues (and most of them mates) in the one organisation and NOBODY likes anyone else to get injured. Its the right thing to do, and a simple gesture. Johns did not call Dykes to apologise. What he did do was go public, stating that it was unfair that he couldnt win "his" Dally M now and the system should be changed.

Classy stuff.

We all know the rest of the story of his illustrious career:

-The drugs
-The meltdowns
- The marriage break ups (allegedly through cheating)
- The claims to taxi drivers that he shouldnt pay because he put Newcastle on the map
and now:

The black c### episode.

Wether or not you think TT was "precious" for walking out on the blues over this is irrelevant. None of us were there, and few of us have walked a mile in this subtly racist Australian society as a black man, so we are not in a position to comment on it.

What this blogger can comment on is that I am in no way surprised that Johns said it, that he didnt understand the gravity of these comments and this is the final chapter in a career of a bloke who was a great player, but a complete low-life, a racist, an idiot and a cancer on the game of rugby league (being a good player and a good bloke are not always mutually common traits, just ask Billy Slater).

That we have to put up with these Johns brothers on tv is an absolute national disgrace. Its no secret that football players are no brain surgeons, and thats ok , but the people who employ them to speak publicly or present in the media, and pay them well to do it, know about this building site mentality and actually give training to their presenters about what is and isnt acceptable. Johns has been trained and been a part of aboriginal and women in league education programs. Channel 9, the NRL and the Knights have payed for media training which is hilarious in its childishly simple explanations of "the rules".

Johns justification that these comments were somewhat lightened by the fact that he referred to himself as "White trash from Cessnock" is telling. It means that despite all the previous dramas, all the training, the gang banging shit with his brother, the conferences, the awareness workshops, he still got it hopelessly, pathetically wrong, and in doing so alienated his mate, the rest if the rugby league community and every ethnic minority in the country. The only thing right is that he is trash.

Im glad the blues shut the door on him and Channel 9, 7, fox and news ltd should do the same.


  1. Great post. Am enjoying this blog as both a Sharks fan and someone who thinks a lot of rugby league coverage is shite. Keep it up sir

  2. Gee you write well Newman ! Enjoy your work , cheers Squiddy

  3. Beeker killed the SharksJune 14, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    Looks like you might have to take up a hobby like writing to fill in your spare time when the Sharks either relocate or die.

  4. Very well written and informative Newman. You
    make some excellent points. Will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog mate. Cheers, hopper

  5. Paul Gallen squats to peeJune 14, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    The ironing is delicious.

    How could anyone with any connection at all to the Shire have the hide to call anyone else a racist ?

    Redneck surfer fuckwits

  6. good post bro...

    ms Breen would be very proud of what you've written


  7. Dead set dude... You are passing your opinion off as fact. You might want to hire yourself some legal representation and distance yourself from the Sharks if you want to keep this blog going

  8. Good work and you have every right to express your opo
    opinnion. Lol at the numpty suggesting hiring legal representation! Keep up the good work.

  9. lol Taps. Everyone has the right to express their opo opinnion, but they do not have every right to do so. When they attempt to pass their opo opinnion off as fact, and do so in a public and semi-permanent form, they open them self up for a libel suit. Even a numpty like your opo opinnionated self knows that "a complete low-life, a racist, an idiot and a cancer on the game of rugby league" is a personal opinion passed off as fact. Keep up the numpty advice, numpty.

  10. Burp, thats why this blog is OPNION based.