Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Godzilla is my hero. He lurks about in the depths, encased in ice for centuries and is then awoken by some kind of nuclear event. Angry, he marches ashore and destroys cities by stomping all over them, eating trains, breathing fire and swatting away 747s like pesky mosquitoes. As long as he stays away from power stations he is invincible.

The sharks should rebrand as the Godzillas, the sleeping, angry giants hell bent on destruction. We have seen what being called the Sharks has got us. Nothing. What is there to lose?

I have already done the logo.


  1. Awesome... I love the logo - a somewhat honest and playful design...

    I thought you might find some comfort in this; forum post from a Grimsby Town Fan (UK football club, languishing at the bottom of Div 2)... His impassioned rant made him an 'overnight internet sensation' - at least that what the taboids said:

    And yes... I read your blog...

  2. That logo is a winner. I believe Gap are in the market for a new graphic designer. Give 'em a call. It can't be as thankless a gig as being a Cronulla Sharks fan. Even being a Chilean minor is probably more fun....

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea, but Godzilla is reptile like and has two large legs and two small arms not unlike a certain fire breathing relative :0..... However seeing as dragons are mythical creatures and Godzilla is real, i still think it is a good idea.

  4. this is the best idea ever to come out of the shire!!