Monday, August 23, 2010

Losers, Losers, Losers.

God Im annoyed.

The big boy hasnt been around much lately, frankly because Im so damn sick of losing. Yeah, yeah, great win against the Roosters (and I spiralled out of control in celebration in the Cross until 330am). But fuck, the season was already gone and it was our tenth win in two million games and Im starting to lose it (2 million and 2 if you count this years trials).

A part of me thinks that we should just wind the club up and cut our losses. Its not like we have to look hard for a loss to cut. The club has slipped so far behind the pack that the road to success seems astonishgly out of reach. Losing is a cancer that is within the fabric of this club, and like the lead character in Breaking Bad, the cancer is in the lymph nodes and there doesnt seem to be a cure for that yet. Trouble is, the Breaking Bad dude strarting to be really epic on his way out and start dealing meth, killing gangsters and just being a general bad ass. What have we done? Nothing. What does anybody care? None.

This sucks. The NRL sucks. The Sharks suck. Modern Music is crap. FUCK THIS.

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