Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Big Boys first (shithouse) interview. Shane Flanagan.

First thing: This was a guerilla interview, Flano had no idea he was going on record. Second thing: I was hell drunk (it was in the summertime bar after the dragons game). Third thing: I kept asking people (supporters, admin staff, players) how they felt when they saw the red v (attempting to illicit a response) and most of them said "physically ill", "sick", or "like throwing up". Fourth thing: I dont know Flano from a bar of soap, and Ive never interviewed anyone before.

So here we go.

The Big Boy: Congrats on the appointment to the head coach role mate, we are all behind you.
Flano: Thanks mate.
TBB: So you must be pretty excited.
Flano: To tell you the truth, I am.
TBB: Ill bet you are in a few of those origin players ears in camp about coming to the Sharks, or you better be.
Flano: Yeah. *Nervous laughter*
TBB: So, how do you feel when you see the red v?
Flano: What do you mean?
TBB: When you see the red v on the front of the dragons jersey, how does that make you feel?
Flano. Absolutely nothing.
TBB: (flaking out) Thanks for your time, have a good one.

Told you it was shithouse.

The next exciting interview from the big boy will be 2010 SG Ball coach and all round bonehead legend, Dave Howlett, talking about how to get your spawn from bludging "fun" park football into the big time.


  1. Hopefully Flanno has a better chance of getting another gig than his predessors.
    Lang is the last Sharkie coach to get a start with another club.
    Maybe Flanno has something lined up for when you fold/relocate.